The Great American Challenge

by Churchkey

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The first four.


released February 14, 2014

recorded by Thom Carney when it was cold and there was a lot of snow.
He let us pay him in pizza.
Thanks Thom.

mixed by Eric Muth & mastered by Zach Weeks when all that snow started to melt.
They let us pay them in money.
Thanks guys.


tags: rock roll Chicago


all rights reserved


Churchkey Chicago, Illinois

2013 - 2016

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Track Name: Finder's Fee
You spent the last 3 hours clenching the steering wheel and you were fine.
You carved a smile into your marble face and blew one into mine.
You'll understand if i sit this one out.
You're my only sunshine.
Track Name: Hey Smokers!
simple words, and goodbyes
the tv knows where i have been
i hate all of my friends
Track Name: A Great Big Bowl of MD 20/20
sick, this bed is empty and my stomachs full
two hours down and 6 more to go.
set free but i never leave home
nervous walks to the store and back
tell me its cool, so fucking cold, but i can't relax
i just keep shaking, just keep shaking, oh

I'm always diving in the deep end,
but i keep drowning in the puddles
kissing on the front porch
kissing on the couch now
and i can hear my heartbeat in my throat
and its time i go
this time i go.

tell me where the pain is
tell me where it hurts
you know that i could help you
right? you know that i make this
fuck off, man. everyone else is asleep.
i've had enough, you've been too nice to me.
Track Name: James & the Really Big Peach
i finally got what i deserved
an empty house
and a room full of all your things
nate told me that it wasn't that easy
and i know they're right
i have these nightmares that i pretend don't exist
where you blow me a kiss as you drive off a cliff
yeah "we were lovers and now we can't be friends"
i guess that so much more than fascination ends

Chris, watch me eat my words
cut them up bite sized

don't fucking touch me, i let it go once
but if you do it again i swear to god I'm gonna lose my shit,
its so much easier to hold this grudge than to forgive and forget and forget and to forgive again
oh my god, now i can't even sleep cause my dreams are worse than anything,
and i don't even know what that means,
everything in this house is a mess or a wreck
including me and i blame myself for all of it.
(i don't think that i can figure this out while your here)
(the bones havent set, its been over a year)
(so please let this go, my failed attempt to keep all the promises i haven't kept)