& You

by Churchkey

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The next three.


released July 8, 2014

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Niko Zaglaras when it started getting consistently hot again.

Additional vocals by Kate Grube.


tags: rock roll Chicago


all rights reserved


Churchkey Chicago, Illinois

2013 - 2016

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Track Name: Colin Mulcahy's Janky Ass Box
i said i'd call you in the morning
and now i'm kinda hoping that i don't wake up
all of my friends went driving out east again
and i am doing what i can not to feel so stuck

do you remember the backseat?
where we'd fuck and fall asleep
back when my bones had a home
and my heart was sewn to my sleeve
holy shit, i'm done with this
my head is a mess and you are dying not to feel alone
call me when you need, i guess
i'm giving up this time and going home

took the shortcut
but never wanted it to hurt
two times is not enough
to learn my lesson

i said i'd call you when i figured this out
but all the time in the world left nothing different and
how do your decisions work out
i wonder where you are now
and when your lips move, what are they saying?
Track Name: It's 3 a.m. And I Am Your Girlfriend
i fucking drove 3 hours just to spend the night
you kiss me one last time before you hit the light
passed out in the gutter, woke up to a lover
I'm going nowhere
searching for a heart that isn't mine
spaced out with a shudder, passed on to another

and i am starting to think:

you get it all
comfortable bed full of friends to be there when you call
you say you're sleeping alone
but you're not sleeping alone.
when you love everyone

i'll finally get my shit together
and my head down from the clouds
i know that this can't last forever
does it have to end right now?
every night i spent on my own
every wasted day
'til there is nothing left but your cigarettes
and a past of my mistakes

please, you have to go
don't keep them waiting.
Track Name: Mango
we were sitting on the couch
i said,"i never really feel that good at all."
and i know it bummed you out
so i stopped bringing it up, i let you do all the talking now.

somewhere between
everyone i love and everything i mean
and i know i bring you down
so i stopped coming around

but oh, how beautiful it is to be an angel in your eyes
to be surrounded by my friends instead of flies
to be awake instead of dead, to be alive

I learned to fall in love without leaving my bed
do you understand what i just i said? i fucking live in a dream.
why do you do that to yourself? what do you want besides your health?
how do i know if i'm in hell? or if I'm just asleep?